Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Linky Party Blogs

Thanks to all of my new followers. I am happy to see others that love following blogs too! I can spend hours and hours going from blog to blog! There is some amazing talent out there that I am in such awe of. Makes my blog look so BLAH! So be gentle with me. I am so new to this.

I have mentioned  before but I would like to say once again that her blog is so much fun! She works her magic and turns junk into gorgeous pieces of furniture! She also has a linky party once a month. The new blogs I am following from her linky party this week are:

Monday, March 7, 2011

~ Linky Party! ~

A few weeks back I mentioned a new blog I was following called Homemaker on a Dime. On the 1st Monday of each month they have what they call a Linky Party where you can find all kinds of wonderful blogs to follow and people will find yours and follow you too! A great way to get your blog known. You should seriously check out her blog though cuz she is amazing! She makes such works of art with junk, basically. She refinishes furniture like a pro and everything she has made is fantastic!

Another blog I just started following is 1 Sew Green Mama. I stumbled upon it this afternoon. Her blog colors actually remind me of a fresh, juicy watermelon. Mmmm! She has some great tutorials on her blog BUT what I love most about her blog is she is a re-fashioner! I love making something new out of something old!

Another blog I came across was Homemaker in Heels. The name had me. I had to go check it out. She does gorgeous home deco items. So classy and so much cheaper!

Homemaker in Heels

Little Boxy Pouch

Good Morning! Here I am with freshly home brewed Starbuck's coffee in my big red Starbuck's mug. All from my kids. They know how to make their Mom happy! Just add coffee, preferrably Starbuck's coffee! :) I spent some time yesterday afternoon sewing and watching the DIY Network. Some time ago I found the cutest little bag tutorial on...

The tutorial is very easy to follow. She has done a wonderful job! They are so easy to make. In fact, I made 3 of them yesterday afternoon; and I am so slow when I sew. They are going to be gifts for my Mom, my SIL and my Secret Sister at church. Now I just have to figure out what to fill them with!

Wouldn't they be cute for birthday party goodie bags, re-useable gift bags, small first aid kit to keep in your car/diaper bag/purse or ...??? The possibilities are endless!

Sorry about the pic. I am not sure why the pouch on the left looks so odd shaped. Let me know if you make one (or many) of these.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bad Me!

WOW, March 2011 already! Sorry I have not posted for a while. I have all these projects in my head but no energy to do any of them! My herniated disk is acting up again and I have not been sleeping well so it leaves me feeling run down. I am hoping to sew an apron for a gift today. Once it is done I promise I will post a pic here.